4 Day Working Weeks

What are the general feelings on 4 day working weeks
Should they be available to all or should we at least make them an absolute option for those over 55.
Would this provide more opportunities for the next generation by allowing for more apprenticeships and blended learning by a mix of acedemic study and on the job experience.
Finally would this improved work life balance help our mental health and improve our sense of belonging to our communities ?

General feeling is that there are significant unquantified benefits from a 4 day week. Soft benefits are much more difficult to evaluate in terms of community contributions, improved mental health outcomes, better social support frameworks, higher levels els of volunteer involvement etc. The idea of freeing up job/study opportunities at the entry level by scaling down the working week for over 55s seems an excellent way of easing into a new world where we need to cast some fresh ideas about social contracts.