Treasury hints at retreat from open data

FYI - Article from UKAuthority aabout Treasury discussion paper about National Data Strategy:

“The Government is considering a retreat from the aspiration of opening large quantities of public sector data for re-use free of charge, HM Treasury has suggested in a discussion paper.”

The Economic Value of Data discussion paper by HM Treasury
There are still big questions to be answered. This document marks the beginning of a wider set of conversations that government will be holding over the coming year, as we develop a new National Data Strategy.

While this is not a consultation document, any comments in response to this discussion paper can be sent in writing or by email to HM Treasury.

Is the discussion paper publicly accessible?

Hi Rachel, here is the link!



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Thanks Andreas - it’s a little worrying both in content, and the fact this has come out of HMT not DCMS, and DCMS colleagues haven’t flagged with us (to my knowledge?). I wonder if it’s worth us dropping Katie a line before she leaves to ask what their line on the paper is.

Incidentally I’m happy to do this if others agree.

I’m supportive of this idea Michael. Good to know what (if any) liaison has hapened between GDS, DCMS and treasury and how this feed into any planned commitments around the 4th NAP.


Hi everyone,

Here’s the response we got from DCMS on this. We’ll obviously have to continue monitoring and challenging on this if we see datasets being flagged as not open, but the reaffirmation that the position of open by default has not changed is reassuring.


TO2018_12263.pdf (290.5 KB)

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