Times article on gagging clauses

Hi all
The Times have quoted me on the issue of non disclosure agreements.
I can’t get into the article because it’s behind a paywall but I’m concerned they might have referenced what I said as an OGN Scotland network position which of course it isn’t as the OGN network doesn’t have positions.
If anyone has read the article here grateful if you could advise. Thanks.

Can you use this link
Government contractors silenced in attempt to avoid bad publicity


Here’s the direct quote

Ruchir Shah, project director at the OGNS, said public contractors must be free to speak out because they were often in the best position to see if a government policy was failing. “The Fair Start contract is a cause for concern, because it works with particulary vulnerable people, so that would be a big issue. If the delivery organisation feels they can’t raise an issue if the policy isn’t working for them, or creating adverse outcomes, publicly if required, then there is a problem,” he said.

Thanks Jen,
I’ve registered and using one of my two free monthly allowances to access articles, I’ve added a comment correcting the quotes.