Re: Scottish Open Government: Delivering on the Scottish Government's Programme of Reforms - MackayHannah Conference 15/12/20

Hi all,

Flagging up this online conference on Open Government in Scotland on 15 December:

The themes will cover:

Scotland's Open Government journey
Core challenges in delivering open government in Scotland
Engaging everyone - doing and thinking differently

Tickets are £135, so as would expect from civil society reps we raised the point that a conference fundamentally about openness clashes somehow with access being paywalled. Mackay Hannah has kindly gifted 20 spaces for members of the network. One member of the steering group will attend, meaning there are 19 places left.

If you would like to attend, just reply inline below or pm/email me, ill allocate on . Deadline for those is Thursday 3 December 12noon, or as soon as all places are taken.

Hi @ElricHonore, I’d like to throw my hat in ring please. Thanks.

Added, will update numbers by Thursday

5 places taken. To save time, when you pm me - also include: your details as in(at least):

First name
Last Name

I’ll pass those on to the Mackayhannah admin. Thanks! Elric


Last call on this - will pass on details by 5pm today, so if youre planning to attend pm me your details. Cheers, elric