Online Identity Assurance Programme Board - Nov 8th meeting

Hi all - the Scottish Government Board overseeing the Identity Assurance Programme in Scotland meets on Thursday.

As per the open government approach they are adopting, the papers and agenda are published for all to see in advance of the meeting at

I am an advisor on the group and will be attending. Please have a look and share your comment or input here or directly to me in confidence at @Ruchirshah

Thanks again to @Ross.Clark and @SusieBraham for the open approach they are adopting for this programme.

What’s your plans for adopting Self-Sovereign Identity?

Regards, Neil.

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The Verify approach is a dead end, therefore hopefully Scotland won’t follow down that route.

The future is SSI, and hence a window of opportunity for Scotland to become a global pioneer. Only a select few like Canada are on top of it currently >>

Regards, Neil.

Thanks Neil

This sounds to me like part of the wider movement towards person-centred approaches to identity, but specifically those which place an emphasis on people’s rights to own and be in control of their data. It’s the inverse of the current approach where powerful institutions hold data on people and then ‘allow’ them to access it if deemed reasonable. We seem to be part way along this journey in the UK. Scotland certainly has the opportunity here (using new technologies and apps) to secure personal control over data for people in addition to moving away from centralised databases (i.e. that can be left on a laptop on a train).

Thanks for sharing the concept and associated case study.

That’s exactly it. The centralized approach to Identity has been exposed as fundamentally flawed, in terms of architecture and security, and the evolution to individuals controlling their own personal data is inevitable.

We’re in the early pioneering days of the Decentralized Web that will foster an economic boom even larger than the first Internet wave, so there is tremendous opportunity for Scotland to be at the front of that trend and reap the rewards accordingly. A smart government ID strategy would reflect that, hence my question.

Kind regards, Neil.

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Hi Ruchir

I was at last week’s stakeholder group meeting. I’ve blogged about it here:

This blog also includes a link to my collected live-tweets from the event: That collection includes a link to Mike Crockert’s slides. Unfortunately, I can’t include a third hyperlink in an email to this system, so here it is in plain text:

Hope this is helpful, and looking forward to learning what comes out of the programme board.

best regards


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Hi All.
I attending the Programme Board meeting today and gave the Scotgov team a shout of encouragement for taking the open government approach. There was a fair bit of discussion about the new alpha ‘proof of concept’ phase for the programme going forward. I’ve been asked to write a guest blog on the website to give a public readout of the meeting today which I’ll arrange with @Ross.Clark