Post it notes

Hi @peterkwells, during the meeting there was mention of a document with post it notes. Do you have a link to this doc that you can post here?

Hi Ruchir,

the post-it note document that was used in the meeting to discuss feasibility/impact is this one: MURAL

There was also mention of a joint Ada-AI Now-OGP paper on algorithmic transparency (an early paper from this project) that was circulated at a roundtable at RightsCon last week. I’ve asked if that can be shared publicly

If there was another one mentioned then I might need another clue :slight_smile:


Hi Ruchir, all

with permission from Tonu Basu at OGP here is the pre-release paper that was circulated at RightsCon last week Pre-release Algorithmic accountability for the public sector June 2021.pdf (1.5 MB). Tonu says “this is not quite in the public domain yet since the final report is forthcoming but for this purpose certainly ok to share with the group”. The final report is forthcoming.

OGP will also send through a document with links to various materials that the attendees at RightsCon shared


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