Oxford covid virus vaccine

How I ended up with Scotland, I have no idea. I am watching Outlander, into season 2.

Oxford University is working on a vaccine for the pandemic covid virus. It may be ready by September. The USA will give Oxford a billion pounds to allow the USA to manufacture the vaccine NOW and guarantee 1/2 the output to Oxofrd. The USA will also supply young healthy volunteers to be deliberately infected withthe virus after receving the vaccine to speed up the process. This is an ethically valid way to test the virus in a pandemic and may save hundreds of thousands of lives. Pleas email me at bueltoby@cs.com

The thing which worries me most is if you give the USA permission to manufacture I an old enough to remember Penicillin which did not benefit either the inventor or the UK.
It is vital that any successful vaccine is available to the rest of the world but with any patent rights coming back to the organisation/person in the uk. The patent situation is much more restrictive in the UK as a design engineer any novel design that I produced was the property of the company i was employed it even covered designs conceived in my freetime. Unlike the situation in say Germany

John R Blundell

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Dear All,
There are two developments today on FoI at the Scottish Parliament: the Post Legislative Scrutiny Report on FoISA has been published and it is recommending substantial reform; MPs on the COVID-19 Committee have agreed to return to FoISA normal response times and we now await confirmation or otherwise at Stage 3 of the Coronavirus (Scotland) No 2 Bill. More details on our website at www.cfois.scot

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