FOI and Covid

I suspect the reality to this story is a lot more nuanced than presented here. Can we get some clarity on this? @DoreenGrove

I dont know the answer, but will of course ask the question - as you say Ruchir i am sure there is more to this

All just to say i have spoken to Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician in Scottish Government, he will respond to this as soon as he able to contribute on this site - he has signed up to the network but is not yet able to post anything


Great - and while on this topic, its worth pointing out this convo: - I’ve been involved in those discussions too, and if there’s ‘progress’ in CV reporting possible, then its worth considering ME data at the same time rather than afterwards.

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Ruchir is right of course that there is more to this story. While it is not appropriate to comment on an individual FOI case, I was keen to say something more generally about how I’ve been operating our Covid modelling. This is pretty complex material that can be easily misinterpreted. As such, my team has been proactively publishing re results of our modelling work since May. is the latest publication. This format helps us explain how the modelling is done, the assumptions we’re making and the level of uncertainty stemming from the work. This has generally been well reported. We’ve also put out elements of the modelling in documents that try to summarise the wider evidence base for particular decisions, such as the introduction of restrictions in early October:

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