Live Update: Commitment 4: Collaborative Working Group Workshop: Engagement Design

Morning All!

Commitment 4: Improving access to accountability of public services

Collaborative Working Group: Workshop: Peoples & Public Bodies Engagement Design

Happening now!!

Just a quick update (live) to share some of the current work and discussions of the CWG, focused on designing upcoming public bodies and peoples engagement work up to December.

We’ve had a lot of enthusiastic discussions already, a good diversity of different public sector and civic society organisations represented, and our new independent Chair, Alasdair Hay (ex Chief Fire Officer, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service), is getting stuck in too!! Shaben Begum, one of the Commitment’s two Civic Society Leads, is here and some of the original Signatories, including Rosemary Agnew (Scottish Public Services Ombudsmen), Daren Fitzthenry (Scottish Information Commissioner), and the Care Inspectorate.

Our appointed contractor for the engagement work, We Are Snook, are leading a great and interactive session. We’re currently looking at user-journeys in engaging public services. We’ve also discussed survey work that will be conducted in advance of national engagement events, to help inform content discussed on the day.

A fuller update will follow shortly.

Any comments/contributions on key peoples engagement considerations when considering accountability of public services is welcome too!

Saskia Kearns
Scottish Government Commitment 4 Lead

Thanks for sharing the update from the group Saskia. Look forward to hearing more about it.





Thanks Hannah!

I will look to share a fuller update in due course, but suffice to say I think the CWG Workshop went well and Partners valued the opportunity to inform design of the peoples engagement coming up.