Letter from Minister on open justice commitment

Dear colleagues,

While we wait for the Action Plan to enter its final stages, I have some interesting news for you.

At our first multistakeholder forum with Minister Margot James, back in September 2018, the issue of courts transparency was raised. This has not been taken up in the current draft of the 2018-20 action plan, but I am pleased to inform you that we received a letter this week from DCMS and MOJ on Open Justice and
courts transparency.

Letter: ADR63688 Letter from MoJ and DCMS to Open Govenerment Network .pdf (72.6 KB)

A main takeaway is a commitment to working with the OGN and other civil society groups on open justice issues with a view to co-creating a full commitment in the 2020-22 action plan (of course, assuming we will have the same government then!). In any case, it is an area we may want to explore further and develop with government in view to the next action plan.