2016-18 End-of-Term IRM Report published

Dear Network,

As some of you may have seen, the OGP finally published the IRM End-of-Term Report on the implementation of the 2016-18 UK Open Government Action Plan, by Ben Worthy.


  1. Summary webpage of the End-of-Term Report on OGP website

Summery: “Commitments in the United Kingdom’s (UK) third action plan have lowered ambition in relation to previous OGP cycles. The plan included commitments from all the nations of the UK, but institutional change and political context in the country have impacted its level of completion.”

  1. The full End-of-Term IRM Report (large file PDF)

  2. Ben Worthy’s reflections on the report on the OGN website

Quote from Ben: “It’s been shown time and time again that a combination of distraction and disinterest can seriously hinder openness-benign neglect can be as fatal as outright resistance. For openness to happen need energy and support, and if policies run out of these then momentum can slow and enthusiasm wane. The danger is that the ‘Brexit effect’ becomes a brake on anything else happening. So far, progress has been made but the price of openness seems to be eternal watchfulness and pressure.”