Our young cannot afford the affordable housing protocol,introduce some years ago .The next action plan,I say this WITH some trepidation is to sell off the housing stock.Building one affordable,(don’t make me laugh)house for every one taken out of the control of the local authority.Local authorities have massive open land . We need fast ,good quality living spaces,Now ,not lip gloss ,media power points to hoodwink the gullible public.wood cabins :large static homes,built with green spaces,can be option .I know the response will be ,you live in one .Well I can honestly say I have ,it was warm small,I grant you ,but it was a home ,and that is the most important thing.The carbon footprint in these developments are very low ,These can be a first step,into bricks and mortar,not desirable I know.We need a leader in government that is prepared to be bold,.And challenge the past ideas.For once,it would be refreshing to see a leader of the government,not following the standard protocol of staying in power at any cost ,but not really making any decisions that help .

Housing needs to be built by the state (with all the benefits of massive buying power) and sold at cost, with conditions in the sale that future sale of the property can only go up in line with inflation or something similar. We need to cut out the private corporate builders that are out for massive profits.

We know the mistakes from the past and should avoid them. Communities that just encourage bad behaviour etc.

Even state owned and free or basically free to those that look after them.

I haven’t got time to write more… but I could go on…

We could even consider the OST (One small town) set up from Michael Tellinger???