Fwd: GE2019 Election Tech Handbook

from Ed Saperia / Newspeak House:

Hey all, we at Newspeak House have produced the Election Tech Handbook , a doc with all the tools, data and resources you might need if you’re thinking of making anything related to the upcoming election. Some highlights:

Democracy Club has made an election timetable generator : put in your expected election date and it gives you all the other critical dates (voter registration deadline, candidate announcement, etc).

WhoTargetsMe is tracking who is spending what on political facebook ads each day ; follow via their twitter feed and help out by installing their browser extension.

Jon Worth’s amazing Brexit Flowcharts help cut through all the constitutional complexity .

The handbook is crowdsourced and we’re promoting it widely, so please add anything you know about that might be useful , even if it’s your own commercial product, or something that you didn’t make yourself but you think is noteworthy: https://electiontechhandbook.uk

We’re hosting a meetup tomorrow night on technology and elections. It’ll be some short lightning talks, followed by networking: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/election-tech-meetup-tickets-71643568843

Ed @nwspk

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