Fwd: Beneficial Ownership call to action + OGP Survey

FYI (Apologies for crossposting) call for organisation sign up

Dear all,

I am writing to forward you an important call to action initiated by OGP’s European Steering Committee civil society members to call on European governments to establish open and publicly accessible registers on beneficial owners of companies and trusts. Please find details below and the link to join the call by May 25th. We have made some quite encouraging progress on beneficial ownership transparency over the past few years and we hope the latest push from the EU will help many European countries to go further on this crucial matter. The list of more than 50 organisations that signed already is here.

Also, please do fill out our 2017-2018 Civil Society Engagement Survey, if you have not already had the chance to do so. The Survey is closing on May 31st and results will be made public during and after the 2018 Georgia Summit.

Thank you and best,

Peter Varga
Senior Regional Coordinator, Europe
Open Government Partnership Support Unit

phone: +49 176 804 804 75 | skype: petervarga_ogp | twitter: @peetervarga | www.opengovpartnership.org

If you haven’t already done so, please fill out the 2017-2018 OGP Civil Society Engagement Survey!

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