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Dear all,

I am forwarding this message from the OGP list as there are some UK case studies I am sure many of you will want to suggest or provide input into - especially as the UK is already mentioned regarding beneficial ownership and the effect of lobbying regulation.


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Subject: [ogp] OGP Flagship Report: Summary of Consultations
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Dear all,

As the first step in producing OGP’s first-ever flagship report, we have been busy hearing from people in the community. Last month, we held 12 virtual consultations on a variety of open government themes. The goal of these consultations was for the community to share insights on cutting-edge reforms, data sources, and case studies for the report. In all, we heard from more than 80 people, from both civil society and government, working at both the local and national levels around the world.

Now, we want to continue the conversation and create space for additional feedback. If you missed the consultations or would like to share your comments in writing, the consultation summaries are available online. You may share your feedback using our online public comment function, or you may send us your comments at research@opengovpartnership.org. We will receive comments through Wednesday, 31 October 2018.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated (and will participate) in the consultation process. We appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

About the OGP Flagship Report

The flagship report will synthesize OGP’s data and findings into one publication to provide thought leadership to the partnership, provide state-of-play analysis on frontier areas of open government, and provide comparative snapshots on all OGP countries. The report aims to raise OGP’s visibility, provide thought leadership on global trends and specific policies, and improve incentives for individual countries.

The report will cover three areas:

  1. OGP in the context of global trends

  2. Frontier themes in open government

  3. Country-by-country reporting

To learn more about the report, please visit our website or read the report’s concept note here.

Renzo Falla
Research Officer
Open Government Partnership

c/o OpenGovHub
1110 Vermont Ave. NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005

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