Digital Government inquiry launched

Dear OGN members,

Some of you may be interested in responding to this inquiry into digital government by the Science and Technology Select Committee.

They welcome written evidence by Friday 28 September that addresses the following issues:

  • The progress of Government digital services, the areas where further development is particularly needed, and how well the UK compares with other countries.
  • How well Government digital services are protected from cyber attacks.
  • How well the Government Digital Service (GDS) has helped spread the use of digital services across Government, including promoting the use of new technologies and uses of data.
  • The digital skills capacity in Government departments and agencies, to be able to deliver effective digital services to the public and businesses.
  • How well the Government and its agencies deploy their datasets to maximise their value for money, effectiveness and delivery of digital services.
  • The extent to which Government datasets are made available to private-sector and academic service developers, and how well its ‘open data’ arrangements are operating.
  • The implications and opportunities for GDS arising from Brexit, including areas where the nature of digital services may have to change.
  • The implications for GDS following the move of its data policy and governance functions from the Cabinet Office to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.



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Thanks for sharing this Andreas.

360Giving may submit something to the inquiry focusing on the need for a more joined-up approach to data collection and sharing. If anyone other OGN members are preparing a submission and would like to coordinate on top-line messages then feel free to contact me:


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