CFOI crowdfunding appeal

Dear all,

I have some worrying news about the Campaign for FOI. In the last few months we’ve lost a substantial proportion of our grant income. We now urgently need to make up a serious shortfall in our funding so we can continue to campaign for FOI and help people exercise their right to know.

So we have launched a crowdfunding appeal to make up for this lost income and continue our important work while we seek longer term funding.

Anything you can can do to help publicise and endorse it would be enormously appreciated. The appeal is at and our tweet

Many thanks,


Katherine Gundersen
Campaign for Freedom of Information
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Katherine, very sorry to hear about the challenges CFOI are facing. We will push out your appeal.
Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
Regards Tom

I’m so sorry to hear this, Katherine. I’ve retweeted. Have you already shared this with the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition? I’m sure they’d be happy to spread the message if not.