Auditing with Accountability report

forwarded message (particularly relevant when thinking about the collapse of Carillion, tax evasion, anti money laundering etc):

I’m delighted to announce the publication of the Auditing with Accountability report, a collaborative research project led by researchers at the University of Sheffield and Copenhagen Business School and funded by Luminate, investigating the systemic issue of audit failure.

The report makes a strong case for reform of the audit industry. Luminate’s response to the report outlines why we see reform as a critical need for financial integrity and robust institutions.

Many of Luminate’s partners in the Financial Transparency field are addressing corporate accountability, cross-border financial transactions and how major commercial interests intersect with the public sphere. In line with the anti-corruption community, we are increasingly turning our attention to professional intermediaries - lawyers, bankers, accountants, estate agents and lobbyists. We are seeking to support audit reform measures that would strengthen the independence of auditors and ensure that a wider public interest is served by audit alongside the needs of company shareholders.

We very much welcome feedback and suggestions as to how to build the public interest case for audit reform.

Best wishes


Andrew Clarke
Principal, Investments

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