Asking for input into Transparency Code MHCLG

Dear all,

I have been contacted by MHCLG around some work they are doing in relation to the Transparency Code, and am reaching out to you for anyone who would be interested in talking to them, or know any groups that would be good to talk to about this issue (national or local level). They are hoping to work on this as soon as possible (pre-new year).

Specifically they asking: whether the data published under the Transparency Code helps residents to scrutinise the performance of local authorities, and if alternative data would be of more value.

If anyone is interested, or knows of groups I should contact, please let me know as soon as possible!



Hi Andreas

I’d like to contribute to this conversation please.

Linda Damerell

Hi Andreas,

Open Data Manchester would like to contribute to this as well.



Hi both,

Thanks so far for your offers. I will forward those on.

If there are others on this list working on transparency or MHCLG related-issues or you know of local organisations who would, please get in contact with me as soon as you can.



Dear Andreas,

Happy to help as well.


360Giving can also contribute to this Andreas - about sharing open, comparable data rather than just more scanned pdfs! Happy to be looped in.


Hi Andreas - happy for OC to contribute to this too!

Thanks everyone here and those who have responded generally.

I will pass on your emails to the person at MHCLG who is leading on this. I assume they will get in contact soon.