Tracking progress of the government's manifesto promises

Hello all. I have recently launched Policy Tracker to track progress of the 695 promises made in the current government’s manifesto. It’s entirely non-partisan, volunteer-run, and aimed at helping engage people between elections.

It’s a huge amount of work to provide the level of detail and background to each promise that we do, so I’m looking for more volunteer researchers. Desperately so, in fact. We still have over 100 policies to add if we want to have a complete picture before the next general election.

Those interested in volunteering their policy research / analysis skills can sign up here to get going, but I’d also appreciate any advice on where else to post / get support for this project. All ideas and feedback appreciated.

Great initiative! Hopefully some people on this network may be able to help out.

This reminds me a lot of the Poletika initiative in Spain where civil society orgs measured the main party manifestos/declarations in the last few spanish general elections - very useful to have this information publically available in one place for people to see!


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Other than following politics on a daily basis do you need any other specific requirements from your volunteers? I would like to help.

Many thanks


Hi Nicholas,

I would contact directly!


Hi Nicholas - thanks for your reply (and excuse the delay - I was away last week).
As well as looking at the news for any potential impact on the progress of particular policies, we also still have over 100 policies to write up and publish. This work requires looking at the initial promise made, breaking it down to measurable components, and showing evidence where progress has been made. You can find more information and how to register here.
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