Fwd: Citizen Beta: Tuesday 25th September with ONS, BBC, Google, Full Fact

Hi friends,

We’re back this month on Tuesday 25th at 7pm.RSVP here
I’m happy to announce some new speakers! The full list is:

  • Andrew Dudfield, Service Owner, Office for National Statistics
  • Mevan Babakar, Head of Automated Factchecking, Full Fact
  • Simon Rogers, Data Editor, Google
  • John Walton, Data Journalism Editor, BBC
    The Office for National Statistics has done a spectacular job in recent years of moving us to a position where we can do more with the numbers that govern our lives. Come to this Citizen Beta to hear about that journey, and how it’s changing the lives of people everywhere.

We’ll also be joined by Full Fact (“I couldn’t not talk at this one, sorry” - Mevan) who will talk through their automated checking using ONS data.

As well as stories of data and data visualisations from the BBC Data Editor, John Walton.

We’re also lucky enough to be joined by Simon Rogers from Google who will talk through their new data discovery tool.

Hope to see you all there! Please RT this tweet to help get the word out.


– Mevan, Imeh and Ira


PS: Drinks sponsored by ONS! Who are also looking for a software developer if you’re interested?

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