Call for researcher to evaluate Scotland's progress


Scotland needs an independant researcher to evaluate progress of Action Plan 2018-20 - could it be you?

Being part of Open Government Partnership is quite unique in that the progress that a country makes in delivering it’s commitments in the Action Plans are externally monitored and reported on publicly. This helps to make sure the governments meet the requirements for being an open government. It also helps identify good practice, and highlights areas for improvements. This is called an Independant Reporting Mechanism: for an example, see the report from 2017 Action Plan.

There is a call for a researcher for Scotland: please circulate this to anyone you think might be interested. Eligibility criteria and full listing below.

Apply now:

Please share. Thanks

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Thank you for drawing this opportunity to our attention. Can you advise of the closing date for submitting a CV?

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Hi Carole,
Thanks for your interest. I have asked for some guidance and will get back to you on here with a response. It doesn’t look like there’s a fixed deadline; I believe they accept CV’s on rolling basis but will try get some more info on the process.
Thanks, Niamh

Hi again, we had a response from the Open Government Partnership - There is no firm deadline, applications are considered on a rolling basis and open until position is filled. Hope that helps. Thanks, Niamh