Article 13 EU directive on internet copyright

Anyone else here concerned about the new copyright directive? Has anyone got an assessment on how we should approach this in the UK as it gets implemented into law?

Does anyone have a link to the actual directive? I found BBC citing this “Unofficial consolidated version”.


You will get a bit more information from this: Follow the links. It’s a controversial directive but there are strong arguments on both sides. Noted Sir Tim Berners Lee, and presumably by default the Web Foundation, were against it; but equally, have heard strong arguments for it too… Also heard some very aggressive lobbying from tech giants.

Also, FYI, the open letter from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jimmy Wales etc. from mid last year re: Article 13 / EU Copyright:

I thought it was sensible to protect intellectual property whilst still allowing “a) quotation, criticism, review, b)use for the purpose of caricature, parody or pastiche.”

It also enforces social media platforms put in place checks on what material is uploaded. That is a first step towards making them responsible and in future would make it harder for FaceBook to wash hands of disseminating, say, the New Zealand shooter’s footage.

I’d really like to know why Tim Berners Lee is opposed.


Thanks – answered my question before I’d asked it!


Yes – I think the issue is that it’s difficult to implement without throwing out the bairn with the bathwater.

The law still needs to be approved (more a formality really) by the Council of the EU (the relevant ministers from member states) before it becomes law anyway, and normally takes a couple of years before it has to be transposed into national legislation - by which time who knows whether the UK will be in or out. That said, it would still have an impact.

For more information, I’d recommend taking a look at the website of Julia Reda MEP (She is German Pirate Party, and was the European Parliament Rapporteur on the issue). She gives a good lowdown of the criticisms and concerns as well as explains well how the process went etc. Including a list of her meetings with lobbyists - could you imagine the same level of transparency in the UK :wink: :scream: (article 13)