Using open government to progress the SDGs in England & the UK


(Andreas Pavlou) #1

Dear all,

For the Open Government Pioneers project we asked a group of civil society organisations defending and promoting human rights and equality in England and the UK to look at how open government can help them to acheive the advocacy goals they are fighting for under the Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Open government proposals to advance the SDG agenda

From this, they produced a series of proposals for open government reform that the UK Government should commit to in the next UK Open Government Action Plan, which would help to advance the SDG agenda. These proposals will be taken to government before the next action plan process.

Case Studies

These organisations also produced a series of case studies that demonstrate how open government methods (using transparency, participation or accountability mechanisms) have been able to help them, or others in their sector, to overcome obstacles to inequality or to promote and defend human rights.

Project 17’s case study addresses the need for open government at the local level to help vulnerable families and children to access essential resources.

(Ruchir Shah) #2

Thanks for this Andreas. For info the Opengov Pioneer project funding this is itself a Big Lottery UK (National Community Fund UK) initiative. Regards, Ruchir.