UK’s Voluntary National Review on the SDGs: Emerging Findings & Further Engagement


(Andreas Pavlou) #1

Hi all,

This may be of interest to those in this forum.

The link below is a document from DfID, which they are using to support reflection and stakeholder engagement to produce the UK’s Voluntary National review.

They want to hear from as many different people as possible. There is a Voluntary National Review website, including details on how to provide feedback on this document.

The deadline for submitting feedback is Friday 22 March.

UK’s Voluntary National Review on the Global Goals: Emerging Findings and Further Engagement

Seeking views and input to inform the UK’s forthcoming Voluntary National Review

(Ruchir Shah) #2

If I’m reading this right, then in Goal 1, the UK Government’s welfare reform programme should be the template by which all countries end poverty. Yet this is the exact inverse of what the UN rapporteur on extreme poverty and inequality has just said from his fact finding visit to the UK in November.

This does not bode well for my confidence in the UK Government VNR response.