Open Government Pioneers Min-Summit 28th Nov - reminder

(Ruchir Shah) #1

Hi all.

This is a reminder about the Mini-Summit next week on 28th Nov in Edinburgh.

Join the Open Government Pioneers Project to look back at the progress that has been made to support the capacity of citizens to engage with the open government and Sustainable Development Goals movement across the UK and play your part in how this work is built upon following the Pioneers Project.

Joining in person - register for the event at our Eventbrite page or message me directly @Ruchirshah in case of any queries.

Joining remotely - if you can’t make the session(s) in person but would like to join virtually, we will also be using Zoom to allow interactive participation via our webinar page.

(Ruchir Shah) #2

Thanks again for those that could join the mini summit today.
The video recording is available publicly at

Thanks also to Jess, Lucy and Colm for their speaking and facilitation roles.