Legacy planning for Open Government Pioneers project


(Ruchir Shah) #1

Hi Opengovpioneers reference group members,
The Project Board and delivery team for this project have been working on a legacy opportunities to build on the infrastructure and outputs from this project in coming years.

Please have a look at https://opengovpioneers.miraheze.org/wiki/Evaluation#Legacy_planning_suggestions
I would welcome your ideas - please feel free to edit the wiki page.

On another note, we have received a draft report from the independent evaluators of the opengovpioneers project (NB. not the ILM). It is still being refined and not final yet, but feel free to have a peek.

Meanwhile, the project has been working hard to develop civil society input to the UK and Scottish action plans, and our summer of international webinars is currently underway.

Thanks again, Ruchir.