Anti-corruption Innovation Hub?

In the Government Transformation Strategy: platforms, components and business capabilities Feb 2017 It states that the UK Government will “work with other governments, businesses, data scientists and the international open data community to develop an anti-corruption innovation hub to explore how new technology and approaches can better tackle corruption” Has there been any movement on this or have I missed something?

Hi Julian

It’s definitely stalled. I know that the Home Office hired a consultant at the start of 2018 to assess whether a hub was the best output to develop innovation around anti-corruption. I’ll make a note to follow up with the Joint Anti-Corruption Unit and check on progress.




Hi Julian,

Rachel is correct. Its stalled, and I suspect its unlikely to be rejuvenated any time soon.

Omidyar had agreed to fund this work and tried to hire someone back in 2017 but there were issues with their visa status (I think) so it got delayed. In the meantime, we had the EU referendum and several ministerial changes so this lost momentum and no new candidate was sought.

The mid-term assessment of the current National Action Plan says plans for the hub will be discussed with new ministers: (see p.20).

Things have changed a lot since this commitment was originally made so interesting to find out what appetite there is for it still. I’m sure TI-UK will let us know.